Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. George 2011

So we had another fun trip to St. George. Grandma and Grandpa Felman came to watch Brennan play and we were so glad that they were there. The Mortensen's also came to watch a game in between all of their own games. We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family.
Brennan's team did well and Brennan did really good. We are always so proud of our cute kid.

On our way to Mesquite for games we lost them all to the sleepy bug! Look how cute they are when they are asleep.

Just wanted to give a shout out to my fun friend Emily! She let us stay with her again and I am so glad that we did. I miss her and always look forward to great conversation, hours of laughter and adventure with her. Before we left we had some extra time so we went to some waterfalls with the Armstrongs. It was such a cold day but it was a fun hike and the kids had a blast.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Candy Night 2010

So we had a very successful Christmas Candy Night 2010! We surely missed our dear Katie :( Can't wait to have her back next year....Yay. (Quick sidenote, I am missing the Spencer Park gang like crazy, is it May yet?)
There was nothing burnt, hardly anything ruined, I might just say that we are getting a little better at this. My boys joined us for a while and they were so sad to have to go. Too bad they don't have an apron.....

Cheryse kept us all on track. We were even finished by 9:00! What a fun night with some of my favorites girls. I feel so lucky to have them as sisters and friends.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Funny Kid

This kid is too much! He can be found quite frequently with some weird accessory on him.

Of course the one accessory he is never without, a gun to 'shoot you up' or a shoelace to 'strap you up'.
Funny story: One day we were waiting for Brennan to finish Baseball practice in the car. I was reading a magazine and on the back there was a perfume ad with some lady in a skimpy dress.
Beck: "Mom, I like her"
Me: Oh ya!
Beck: "I wanna strap her up"
I think I might be worried that my 3 year old wants to strap up a hot chick! His dad however is quite proud of his boy.
He ties everything up with shoelaces. Eric came out of his closet the other day and one of his basketball shoes was missing a shoelace. The mystery has now been solved...... We always wonder where he finds all of the 'extra' shoelaces.

Who knew we even had these awesome glasses?

Halloween 2010

We had such a fun Halloween. Eric had the pleasure of taking the day off so that he could attend the school activities with us. I am the room mom for both kids classes and so it was so fun to have Eric there to help....
This was our first year being on track during Halloween. The parade was quite interesting. Brennan really did not like the idea of dressing up. He took the paint off of his face as soon as the parade was finished. Camden did the exact same thing. I don't really think we are a family that loves dressing up for Halloween.

We had the circle and beyond party with soup and breadsticks to warm us up before Trick or Treating. All of the kiddies!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yes Sir, That's My Baby!

We just wrapped up fall baseball and Brennan's season ended with a double header make up game. I have to say that I was super proud of how he played in his final game. He had two triples in a row, the first he got one rbi and the second he had three rbi's. Now I am sure that there is more technical baseball terminology for that..........but I just called it how I saw it. The girlie girl is still learning baseball!

What can I say, the kid can hit a baseball!
Can't really see the ball here but this was triple #1.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lego Party--Look who's 10!

Brennan wanted a lego party this year. I found these darling printables for all of the invitations and such. Loved them so much!

Seventeen of Brennan's friends came to celebrate his big day. We started out with the boys having a lego building contest with candy lego bricks. It was fun to see how creative they all were!

Then the boys built their own cars and had lego car races on my makeshift race track. Occasionally there was a wreck and they had to rebuild their cars. They had a blast seeing how long it would take for their cars to fall apart.
Of course there were presents! He got a massive amount of halo megablocks sets. That should keep him busy for a while.

One of my favorite parts of the party was when they all decided to play football. I found it so amusing that they split the teams up 13 to 3. Eric joined the team of 3 to help them increase the odds of winning. Of course i did not get a picture of that. What a fun time watching the boys move across the back yard playing football!

Brennan's birthday was actually the day after his party. I woke up so very sick. I was unable to even get out of bed all day. The boys came up to my room to open presents so I would not miss the whole day.

Thanks to my sweet hubby we were able to capture this moment! We had to cancel the family party because the party planner was out sick. Brennan was such a sweet heart about it all. Right before his bed time he got so sick and was up all night huddled over the toilet. At least he was able to make it through most of his special day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

He is Not Tired!

If you don't believe it then you should just ask might have to wait until he wakes up though! I love this kid with all of his puppies and blankies always in tow!